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Experts In Reporting And Analytics Using Microsoft Power BI

Helping your organization make data-driven decisions and transforming your data into a competitive advantage using Microsoft Data Platform

Transforming Critical Business Data into Actionable Insights with Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Data – whether on-premise or in the cloud – holds unprecedented value to help you make data-driven decisions. Smart companies are constantly in search of comprehensive reporting and data analytics solutions to derive valuable insights. However, the major obstacle in using conventional BI systems is the lack of access to multiple data sources and the ability to convert large amounts of data meaningfully for business intelligence. PeryTUS helps you take your organization to the next level by transforming your data into lucrative opportunities using Microsoft Power BI.

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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Business intelligence solutions at PeryTUS are driven by Microsoft Power BI – a suite of advanced business intelligence tools that harness data visualization to provide valuable business insights. The platform is powered by Microsoft, enabling businesses to connect to multiple data sources, streamline data preparation, simplify data analysis, and create visually impactful reports. Our Power BI reporting services helps augment data exploration and uncover key insights hidden within your data using industry best practices. With Power BI, we enable our clients to seamlessly comprehend and analyze an extensive range of real-time data through interactive reports, powerful dashboards, and smart data visualizations. We take a 360° approach to Microsoft Power BI reporting while keeping your business objectives – including security and governance – in mind.

Interactive & Insightful Power BI Dashboards to Improve Operational Efficiency

Analyzing data collected from different sources aids in more precise and efficient decision-making. However, visualizing and analyzing this data is one of the biggest challenges that companies face today, particularly when the data is raw, unprocessed, and originating from multiple sources.

With our excellence and experience in Power BI reporting services, PeryTUS empowers businesses to leverage their data through advanced analytics. We create interactive and personalized reporting dashboards for your individualized business needs. Our Microsoft Power BI dashboards present trends and patterns through compelling visuals that support productive decision-making.

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Have Critical Business Data onto Your Fingertips with Microsoft Power BI Reports

Modern businesses want quick and easy access to their data – and its insights – to in order to make intelligent decisions. However, manual reporting and lengthy spreadsheets make the process cumbersome and time-consuming. At PeryTUS, our objective is to bring valuable data and insights right onto your fingertips – whenever and wherever you want.

Our excellent service is driven by Microsoft Power BI in the form of informative reports and intuitive dashboards. Monitor and analyze your data with interactive charts and insights, which can also be filtered by various dimensions such as time and product. Filtering your data allows you to zero in on certain trends and key metrics.

We continuously optimize and improve your reports and dashboards to ensure they are highly functional, easy to use, and customized to meet your organization’s evolving needs as part of our Power BI reporting services.

who we are

Our Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in data analytics and business intelligence. As a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform and a Power BI Community Datanaut, PeryTUS can help you make the change towards a data-driven culture and provide strategic insights to enable you to make insightful decisions and meet business objectives.

Why Us?

Whether your organization needs to analyze historical trends, visualize real-time data streams, or automate time-consuming report creation, we will help you build solutions that transform data into actionable, valuable intelligence using Microsoft Power BI.