About Us

Reporting And Analytics Made Simple With Power BI

Who We Are

Results-driven data analytics and business intelligence expert with over 15 years of relevant experience and a solid track record of implementing company-wide BI solutions and managing all phases of BI implementation, utilizing Microsoft BI stack. Experts in Power BI, DAX, Power Query, and other related technologies such as PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, SQL Server, Azure Platform, and Microsoft Cognitive Services. I am a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform and a Datanaut, a top contributor to the Power BI community.

We leverage our superior analytical and interpersonal skills to design and build optimal data warehouses, train employees on BI technologies and tools, communicate complex concepts, and ensure the best practices to surpass business objectives. We thrive in fast-paced and rapidly growing environments by readily adapting to evolving business and technology challenges.

What We Do

A successful business is run on sound decisions backed by timely, relevant and insightful data. With the ability to capture relevant data in real-time, PeryTUS is able to supply the optimal business decisions and processes within a visually aesthetic environment.

Microsoft’s Power BI platform provides powerful data analytics insights that integrate with your existing data and platforms, providing your business with a comprehensive solution for reporting, transforming, and aggregating your data across the enterprise. Our depth of expertise in integrating with industry leading data tools and providers allows us to apply our knowledge to your environment and provide the best reporting insights for your business users.

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