Microsoft Power BI Support Services

Microsoft Power BI Support Services

Talented BI specialists at PeryTUS can help manage, maintain, and boost the performance of your Business Intelligence applications. We help you leverage Microsoft Power BI to the fullest to make data-driven business decisions 

Organizations – big or small – are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of data they come across everyday. Thankfully, the emergence of Business Intelligence aids in conducting an in-depth analysis of large volumes of data, helping derive valuable meanings. Microsoft Power BI is one such Business Intelligence tool that makes data analysis a breeze with the use of interactive dashboards and rich visuals.

Many organizations today are making the switch towards Power BI in order to drive business objectives through actionable insights and data-driven decisions. However, in order to generate effective data analytics results, it is crucial to ensure that your BI solution is implemented, managed, and maintained properly. That’s where PeryTUS comes into the picture with a full suite of Microsoft Power BI support services for your business.   

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Why Choose PeryTUS for Microsoft Power BI Support?

The success of PeryTUS is driven by our certified Microsoft Power BI Community Datanaut and Microsoft Data Platform MVPwith 15+ years of experience delivering Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions to global clients. With extensive industry expertise and knowledge in Power BI support, we ensure that you get the most valuable insights from your business data and discover important underlying trends.

Our personalized Microsoft Power BI support service enables you to harness the leading-edge BI solution to improve performance and optimize end-user experience. We add new & engaging dashboards, conduct troubleshoots, create reports, and manage extensive data sources for improved operational efficiency and business productivity. Our competency in Power BI support encompasses Data Analytics, Cloud Platform, and Data Visualization.

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Our Microsoft Power BI Support Services

PeryTUS has in-depth knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Power BI, specializing in the following fields of managed support services:

  • Implementing, configuring, managing, customizing, and improving your BI platform
  • Dedicated support for Power BI Desktop, Azure Data Lake Storage, Power BI Service, and Power BI Report Server
  • Expert analysis and consulting on request
  • Integrating Microsoft Power BI with your legacy systems to help gain enterprise-level analytics and key information from your business-critical data
  • Building data models in Power Pivot
  • Installing and deploying Power BI data gateways
  • Support for Power BI licensing – Desktop, Pro, Premium, and Online
  • Hands-on Power BI training to help create reports with visualizations and actionable insights
  • Ongoing administration and performance monitoring to ensure optimum performance of your Microsoft Power BI solution
  • Microsoft Power BI support to help address your development and upgrade challenges
  • End-to-end support for data management, health checks for improved performance and security, and evolution for business growth

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Why Does Your Business Needs Ongoing Power BI Support?

Business Intelligence is the crux of organizational success today, backed by a data-driven culture and insightful decisions. At PeryTUS IT Solutions, our Power BI consulting experts help improve data exploration to discover key information underlying your business-critical data. Our ongoing support services enable you to analyze bulk amounts of data in real-time through intuitive dashboards, engaging data visualizations, and easy-to-interpret reports.   

Get professional Power BI support and empower your organization with:

Fast and Hassle Free Onboarding

Most organizations do not have experience working with the Microsoft Power BI suite of data analytics applications. We assist with quick implementation, configuration, and customization to help you get started instantly.

Seamless Integration

We help integrate your BI solution with your existing business applications. This enables efficient data retrieval and analysis, and aids in improved decision-making and operational efficiency. We provide support for secure integration, in order to ensure that no data is lost.   

Accurate Data Analysis and Reporting

We continuously add and upgrade Power BI dashboards to facilitate effective data analysis and visualization. The latest information is readily accessible on your fingertips, which helps you make the right decision at the right time.

Get Access to Your Data Every time

With our ongoing support, live desk, and troubleshooting, we ensure you can leverage the full potential of Microsoft Power BI, including its latest upgrades and developments. We help leverage the power of data visualization and analytics and help you have access to your valuable data, always. 


Given the rapid advancements in technology and changing organizational demands, scalability is the essence of business growth. We provide Microsoft Power BI support servicesthat scale with your business as it continues to grow. We will be there with you every step of the way and are able to adapt to all your evolving needs.

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