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Complete Data Visualization & Integration Services

Putting an End to Your Advanced Data Management Challenges & Needs!

Data Management And Integration

Get one source of truth for your data quickly with our automated ETL frameworks for platforms such as SQL Server, SSIS, and Azure Data Factory. Capturing large volumes of data requires a trusted partner to help you transform those raw numbers into actionable information.

PeryTUS IT Solution’s business intelligence and ETL expertise will not only help you analyze and process your data, but also enable you to identify statistical indicators to help you make well-informed decisions. Our in-depth and cost-effective approach takes top-down look at your business while looking at your data from the bottom-up to turn data into decisions, decisions into actions, and actions into results.

Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing

We help you build the optimum data infrastructure that aims to improve transferability, readability and efficacy of your organizational data. We strategically review your existing MIS infrastructure and develop strategies around development of actionable intelligence. We offer our advisory services in data integration, reconciliation, collection, storage and dissemination. We also support your needs to make the data systems future ready as your business grows.

Reporting And Executive Dashboards

We develop and implement business intelligence solutions focused on your business objectives, built specifically around your business requirements. We help you discover unique insights by integrating your internal business data with the data you share with vendors, employees, and the industry to help improve your profitability and productivity.

We use Power BI to leverage your existing Microsoft technology and provide the analytical tools your business leaders need to make more informed decisions: monitor your operations, unite your critical data, and view key metrics – all in one place. Storytelling through the visual representation of data is critical in ensuring that your business leaders are able to effectively make decisions on the basis of your company’s data. We can help you communicate complex analyses through interactive reports and rich dashboards, giving your business a critical edge in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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