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Business Intelligence Consulting

Advanced data analytics is empowering modern businesses with innovation, better products & services, and enhanced customer experiences – all driven by meaningful insights. Transform business-critical data into smart decisions with Business Intelligence Consulting services.

Uncover Transformational Data Potential

Cutting-edge BI solutions help discover the hidden “intelligence” in massive amounts of unstructured data. Advanced computational power, innovation, and quick access to valuable data is the essence of sophisticated workload. Harness data with our Business Intelligence experts.

Drive Real-time Data Insights

As your business grows, drive effective decision making based on real-time and accurate data. Interactive BI dashboards and custom reporting helps power your business decisions, paving the way for operational efficiency and growth.

Automate Smart Business Decisions​

Our Business Intelligence consulting company leverages BI systems powered by machine learning to help gather deep insights and automate business decision making. Get expert consultation to harness your data meaningfully and gain a competitive edge.

Generate Increased Business Value​

As modern enterprises embrace a data-driven culture, analytics and Business Intelligence play an integral role in improved data exploration and reporting. Hire our consulting services to derive value from your data and supercharge your business.

Enrich Your Data Insights with PeryTUS BI Consulting

Our Business Intelligence Consulting Services

As one of the reckoned Business Intelligence service providers today, our BI consulting expertise is underpinned by unmatched industry experience, skilful research, and analysis. Cut through the competition and modernize your data analytics practices with expert Business Intelligence consulting.

BI Consulting Services

Despite having a vision for data-driven transformation, businesses lack the expertise and knowledge when it comes to implementation. Our Business Intelligence experts define a result-oriented data analytics and visualization strategy, with dedicated roadmaps that are tailored to meet your business needs. From data modeling and analysis to quality assurance, system optimization, BI support and implementation – we have you covered.

Data Modernization

We help modernize your legacy data systems by implementing industry best practices and optimizing them for improved ROI. Our expertise in data modernization includes Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Cloud Migration, and Data Science. We will integrate your existing systems with modern BI platforms to help implement data transformation across the entire organization.

Data Visualization

Our Business Intelligence consulting firm helps derive value from your data, presenting even the most complex and unstructured data into simple, engaging, and easy-to-interpret visuals. Through an intuitive dashboard, our BI solutions enable organizations to innovatively explore and harness data to uncover new trends, insights, and patterns. This aids in faster decision-making and strategizing.

Microsoft Power BI

Discover the potential of data analytics and get access to key insights anywhere with our Microsoft Power BI consulting services. Power BI is a suite of business intelligence applications that help create rich and live dashboards in a jiffy, generate compelling data visualizations, build interactive and fully customizable reports; facilitate in-depth analysis throughout the organization.

Data Management

We are among the leading business intelligence service providers today. Our experts specialize in defining and managing business-critical data, identifying and synchronizing information across multiple data sources, and assuring data governance and compliance. Our business intelligence experts also support Master Data Management, Enterprise Data Merge or Split, intending to help derive high-quality and meaningful insights.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Modern business owners and decision-makers are constantly looking for a BI solution that provides key data insights right onto their fingertips, anywhere and anytime. We provide expert consulting to help adopt mobile business intelligence that provides seamless access to business-critical information on your smartphones and tablets. Compatible with any device, browser, or screen size!

Predictive Analysis

Our expertise in Microsoft Power BI suite of applications enables us to analyze data and predict trends for futuristic decision making. Our business intelligence service providers leverage advanced tools and historical data to aid in data-driven forecasting. Predictive analysis is a powerful tool that helps protect margins, mitigate risks, and increase ROI in the long run.

Analytics & Reporting

Business intelligence is our forte. We have in-depth expertise in building multi-dimensional data models that are capable of handling bulk amounts of data, providing instant responses, and conducting ad hoc data analysis. Our data architects segregate quality data from the clutter, presenting the most relevant and easy-to-understand insights in the form of smart reports.

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Key Competencies

At PeryTUS, we have the best talent pool of business intelligence experts who have extensive experience and technical know-how in the following fields of data analytics and business intelligence:

Lead the future of data-driven transformation with our Business Intelligence Consulting Services