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Uncover key insights hidden within your data and stay ahead of your competition with our expert Microsoft Power BI consulting services

A robust and intuitive business intelligence system empowers organizations through rich, accurate, and timely information that can aid in critical decision making. Modern businesses trust Microsoft Power BI – a full suite of advanced business analytics solutions that provide business intelligence functionalities and data visualizations with a simple user-interface and interactive reports. It helps transform unstructured and complex data sets into meaningful insights that add value to your business.

However, lack of expertise in Business Intelligence and data analytics can limit the use of data. PeryTUS IT Solutions provides professional Power BI consulting services that can help businesses efficiently analyze, manage, and optimize real-time data insights. Our dedicated Microsoft Power BI consultants will provide end-to-end solutions for the seamless implementation, management, and maintenance of your BI system.

We Make Data Analytics a Seamless Experience with Our Best-in-Class Services

Empower Your Business with Microsoft Power BI

Discover the hidden capabilities of your data and leverage the advanced reporting capabilities of Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence is the crux of operational efficiency and improved performance for all types of businesses today. Microsoft Power BI helps organizations transform critical data into meaningful insights in the form of intuitive dashboards, rich visuals, and custom reporting. Our Power BI consulting services enable organizations to analyze data, explore it visually, and make confident decisions based on real-time insights.

Power BI Consulting – Key Competencies

Our specialized knowledge and hands-on experience in data analytics and business intelligence enable us to excel in the following fields:

Utilize Our Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services to Drive Business Success

As a trusted Microsoft Power BI consultant, we provide tailoredsolutions to help businesses leverage the benefits of Power BI. From devising a custom roadmap and creating a tailored data strategy to implementing and managing the solution, our skilled Power BI consultants have you covered.

Power BI Assessment and Onboarding​

After an in-depth discussion about your visualization needs and data analysis, our consultants will help you understand the vast capabilities and key elements of Microsoft Power BI. Our experts can suggest what fits best for your organization’s business objectives.

Identifying Data Sources

Our BI specialists will identify all your key datasets, sizes, formats, and complexitiesin order to better understand your organization’s underlying data and use it for advanced analysis.

Creating a Roadmap

After deployment, our data architects will devise a comprehensive roadmap detailing how to implement Microsoft Power BI across your entire organization.

Define a BI Strategy

Once the datasets are identified, our data analysts will devise a bespoke BI strategy to determine how the data can be represented in the most efficient, engaging, and informative manner.

BI Architecture Consulting

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants help you determine the best Business Intelligence architecture that willaddress all your BI needs. During the development phase of the architectural roadmap, we provide expert consulting in requirement gathering, data visualization, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Predictive Analysis

We use statistical techniques, data mining, visualizations, and data modeling to analyze data and make predictions for the future. Predictive analysis plays an integral role in devising business strategies for future growth and making important decisions that can help mitigate potential risks.

Deployment & Integration

Our expertise also includes integrating Power BI with your existing business systems. This enables quick sharing of critical data insights across all devices and end-users.

Cloud BI

We can also provide a seamless transformation from an on-premise BI solution to the cloud. This broadens your scope of data analytics and visualization and also ensures high-end security.


Regular monitoring enables us to continuously track performance and provide comprehensive reports. As your data analytics and visualization needs evolve, we constantly update the reports and dashboards to meet your changing needs. Reports also update in real-time with the latest data in order to provide the most up-to-date insights.

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