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Microsoft Power BI Data Visualizations

Transform omnichannel business data into engaging visualizations for smarter decisions on the go

Is your organization still struggling with a bunch of paper reports? Say goodbye to the clichéd and embrace Power BI visualizations to spruce up your data insights. Visualizations significantly enhance the ability to interpret information that lies hidden within your business-critical data. Visual data exploration and reporting ensure that you have instant access to valuable data right when you need, enabling you to make decisions in real-time.

PeryTUS brings the power of visualization right onto your fingertips, bringing life to your data. We harness Microsoft Power BI data visualizations to uncover key insights that help access, comprehend, analyze, and act on faster and stay ahead of the competition. With Power BI, we empower organizations to create sophisticated workloads based on quick and efficient data interpretation.

Why Microsoft Power BI for Data Visualizations?

Learn why Microsoft Power BI has become the industry standard for data analytics and business intelligence today:

Data Visualizations to Drive Better Decisions​

Power BI visualizations make even the most complex and unstructured data accessible and compelling. Rich visuals enable the users to connect with the information, thus, improving data comprehension and retention. This helps make informed business decisions quickly and efficiently. The self-service BI is simple to get started and does not require technical know-how.

Get a 360° View of Your Business​

Power BI suite of applications enables integrating key data insights across all touch-points. This enables you to gain improved visibility of your business and make better decisions. Microsoft Power BI, with its interactive dashboards, rich visuals and custom reports, helps instill a data-driven culture and achieve operational efficiency across the organization

Ease of Integration

Power BI allows you to seamlessly integrate any platform, app, or custom data to your BI system. This helps build unified reporting with compelling visuals that aid in faster and better decision making. It is simple to use and integration becomes a breeze with our Power BI consulting services.

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions on the Go

Modern businesses thrive in real-time decision making. And Power BI makes it possible to get access to live data and take actionable measures upon it. With access to rich data visualizations anytime, anywhere and on any device, we help organizations make data- driven decisions at the right time.

Types of Power BI Visualizations We Specialize in

At PeryTUS, we offer comprehensive Microsoft Power BI consulting, training, and support services to help organizations leverage this advanced business intelligence system to derive meaningful insights from data. Our BI experts can help you create an array of Power BI visualizations that are rich, intuitive, and easy to interpret. These include area charts, bar graphs, line charts, column charts, pie charts, combo charts, scatter charts, slicers, waterfalls, maps, bubble charts, tree maps, matrix charts, and tables.

We will also take you through the journey of data analysis and reporting by using these powerful visuals. Keep track of the latest trends, discover insights, and set goals for the entire organization. Make informed decisions with our excellence in Power BI visualizations!