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Month: May 2020

Video to Hide Slicer Items

Simple Trick to Hide Slicer Items

This is a simple trick to hide slicer items in Power BI to make reports more user friendly. This is achieved through simple measures in a visual level filter.
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Compare Budgeted Scenarios vs. Actuals

Interested in learning how to compare certain budgeted scenarios vs. actuals? In this blog post, I will demonstrate a technique to show you how to do that.
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Year 2020: Pandemic, Power BI, and Beyond…

There have been some amazing Power BI releases this year. I have compiled some of my favourite features that directly impacted how I used Power BI.
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How to Create an Amazon-esque Shipping Status report in Power BI

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how we can create a shipping status in Power BI that visually shows the selected order’s shipping status. This will have
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How to show the sum of non-selected categories grouped together as "Other" category in visuals

I recently came across an interesting problem regarding how you can show the sum of values of certain selected categories as separate bars in a bar chart – but with
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Illuminate KPI cards with new shadow feature and conditional formatting

The May 2020 Power BI update (which was released today, May 19th, 2020) has a new feature that allows you to set a shadow around your visuals. I had a
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