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Tag: DAX

Object Level Security in 3 Easy Steps

The public preview of Object Level Security in Power BI was recently announced. I will show you how to implement OLS in 3 easy steps using Tabular Editor!
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Comparing Selected Client With Other Top N Clients

Learn how to compare a selected value from a slicer with other Top N values, while also displaying the values based on a rank order.
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Mixing Different Date Granularities on the X-axis

Learn how to mix and display different date granularities on the x-axis of the same visual at the same time, without using the drill up and down functions.
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Improve UX: Show Year in Legend When Using Time Intelligence Measures

Selecting a certain year in a slicer to show that year and PY's data in a visual leads to the legend containing measure names. Instead, learn how to show the years in the legend!
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Using Conditional Formatting to Display a Message Instead of a Blank Visual

With this conditional formatting technique, you can show your users a message on the visual (using text or images) instead of a blank visual.
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Video to Hide Slicer Items

Simple Trick to Hide Slicer Items

This is a simple trick to hide slicer items in Power BI to make reports more user friendly. This is achieved through simple measures in a visual level filter.
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