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Tag: Object Level Security

The Power of Using Calculation Groups with Inactive Relationships (Part 1)

Learn how to leverage the power of calculation groups to activate inactive relationships without creating multiple measures!
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Enhance Report Visuals by Highlighting Data Points!

Bring value to the visuals in your report by highlighting data points based on user selection of slicer values!
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Power Automate Visual and Automatic Page Refresh: Why They Work Well Together

Automatic Page Refresh is not a commonly used feature, but it is very powerful when used in conjunction with the Power Automate visual to refresh Power BI datasets.
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Multiple Slicers-Use “OR” Condition To Visualize Data

Slicer selection works using “AND” condition. Instead, learn how to visualize data using the "OR" condition when working with slicers from different columns.
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Comparing Selected Client With Other Top N Clients

Learn how to compare a selected value from a slicer with other Top N values, while also displaying the values based on a rank order.
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Mixing Different Date Granularities on the X-axis

Learn how to mix and display different date granularities on the x-axis of the same visual at the same time, without using the drill up and down functions.
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